Our Current Projects

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Start somewhere.

The war against human trafficking is daunting and difficult. But we believe that everyday people getting involved in simple ways will help.

One of the most effective ways to prevent children from being trafficked is simply keeping them in school.

That's why Freedombound's first project will be providing school uniforms to children in need.

You buy a shirt, we buy uniforms.

It's sweet, simple, and effective.

Photo Cred: Anastasia Korosteleva

Why school uniforms? 

1. School uniforms cost about $20 in these nations, which is half of an average family's monthly income, and that's just for one child.

2. School uniforms are required at almost every school, if a child shows up without one, they will likely be sent away. 

3. When girls are not in school they're often sent into the workforce or left alone, leaving them extremely vulnerable to potential traffickers. 

130 million girls are not in school.

A child is sold into slavery every 30 seconds. 

These problems are not unrelated.